CRAFTSMAN PANEL - Set of 20 @ 12"x8" prints, window mounted with a 2 inch mount.

£160 inc. VAT Matte C-type Photographic Print

£250 inc. VAT Omega Rag Fine Art Print

CRAFTSMAN PANEL – A set of 20 images printed to 12″×8″, window mounted with a 2" wide mount. Prints are available as either Matte C-type Photographic Prints or as Omega Rag Fine Art Prints.

Click on “Change Design” (bottom right) to turn any of the templates from Landscape to Portrait format. If you use “autofill” please check that all images are the correct orientation before placing you order. If you use a portrait image in “autofill” it will automatically go into a landscape template, so you will need to “change design” and change it to portrait orientation… otherwise your image will be cropped.

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